Welcome to AskSophie, an online tool that helps you search for general health information. This is not a diagnostic tool.

This tool allows you to search for potential medical conditions related to your symptom(s) using search terms of your choice. This tool may also use some of the personal information that you have included in your personal account to help narrow the potential medical conditions related to these symptoms. For example, the tool may use your age or gender to narrow the search results that you see.

This tool does not use all the information that you upload into your personal account. Neither does this tool incorporate all of the demographic, life style, or health factors specifically related to you that may allow a definite cause or causes of symptoms to be suggested

This tool should be used to obtain general information only. Please visit your health care provider to determine the cause of your symptom(s) and to learn what steps, if any, you should take.

Thank you for using AskSophie.